Oditor, No. 06/2013

prof. dr Rosa Andžić[55]

UDC: 364.35-624(497.11)
COBISS.SR-ID 214280204


It is scientifically justified that stable market economy with substantial financial accumulation base source of financial innovation. On the other hand, globalization and the uncertainty in the financial environment caused numerous economic problems and disorders that indirectly encourage their development. Through financial innovation financial intermediaries offer more efficient products in terms of yield and management, or the possibility of exploiting the coming financial imbalance in the environment as a source of new opportunities for opportunity. Financial institutions through financial innovation become more efficient in the evaluation and management of its assets and liabilities. In terms of monetary instability indicators in the national economy are evident disorders in all sectors, particularly in the investment sector. Lack of motivation and financial accumulation is unfavorable for the implementation or even the development of innovation. Striving to revive economic activity and higher levels of economic growth unstable economic system, creates a space for the awakening of the spirit of innovation and the development of financial innovation. A key problem is the question of how to reconcile disharmony lack of financial accumulation and growing innovative spirit, as a determinant of economic growth in terms of market imperfections.
The research starts from the basic hypothesis that the development and implementation of financial innovation in terms of market imperfections drivers of the economy and the financial stability of the company. The aim is, through a retrospective of the domain of financial innovation, to define their impact on the growth of economic activity and role in different phases of the economic cycle.

Key words: innovative process, reallocation of risk, regulatory and tax arbitrage, intelligent technology, financial engineering.

[55]Rosa Andţić, Ph.D., Full professor, Alfa University, Palmira Toljatija no. 3, Belgrade, Serbia.