Oditor, No. 03/2012

Milica Župljanić[41]

UDC: 342.25
COBISS.SR-ID 213953292


In the works of academician Miodrag Jovičić, the idea of Serbia as a regional state (the form of government which is “tertium genus” between unitary organization of the state and federation) emerged after the crisis of Yugoslav constitutional system which culminated during the events in 1990-1992 (secession of four federal entitets and adoption of the Constitution of SR Yugoslavia, by which the attempt was made to create a harmonious federation with two federal units, Serbia and Montenegro). In order to overcome the numerous problems, and as the only rational solution for the territorial organization of the country, Jovičić, after carefully and thoroughly consulting most significant comparable models, proposed the concept of unified, strong, demokratic, legal state based on the rule of law and the equality of all the citizens.

Key words: regional state, regions autonomous province.

[41]Milica Župljanić, Ph.D., Professor, University of Kragjevac, Faculty of law, Jovana Cvijića no. 1, Kargujevac, Serbia