Oditor, No. 05/2013

Milan Mihajlović[18]

UDC: 005.216.1:355.4(497.11)
COBISS.SR-ID 214277900


Successful opposition to modern challenges, risks and threats requires making optimal decisions about how to use power often in combat operations to achieve assigned missions and tasks. Optimality is reflected in the maximum rationalization of operations, or choosing a way of performing an operation that will cost the least contribute to successful implementation of the mission. Limited, and as a rule, insufficient funds impose a continuing need for cost-effective, rational and effective engagement of the funds available. Therefore, the place and role of the cost of operations in the process of making decisions in peace and in war, should be given special importance, especially bearing in mind that the costs included in the most important economic categories.
The methodology for calculating the cost of the military operation is different depending on the economic systems of the countries that performed the surgery, their development, and other types of surgery. Its cost depends on several elements: the objectives of the operation, type, duration, resources required for the execution of the target and others. Regulations under which it performs material and financial operations in peace, provided the performance, and in war, except that there are no significant deviations, except for necessary adjustments specific war situation. This applies to all state institutions and the economy of Serbia, and therefore the defense system. Planning expenditures of the defense system is implemented in peacetime, the procedure prescribed. Pursuant to the above planning operations from the standpoint of costs and prices, should be implemented in accordance with the
regulations by which it is carried material and financial operations in peace. This paper aims to present a way of determining the cost of combat operations in terms of making optimal decisions, which provides the performance of a task on the use of force in operation with optimal cost. The cost price of combat operations means the consumption of human and material resources. Implementation of activities aimed at effective provision, deployment and use of human and material resources creates a precondition for achieving the goals of the operation.

Key words: model, cost, combat operations, the Army of Serbia.

[18]Milan Mihajlović, M.A., Alfa Univerzitet Palmira Toljatija 3, Novi Beograd, Serbia, E-mail: milan.mih83@gmail.com