Oditor, No. 05/2013

doc. dr Svetislav Stanković[8]

COBISS.SR-ID 214277388


The challenges of the global economic crisis, transition and transformation of ownership led to an adjustment of the defense system to the new circumstances of risk, defined by contemporary doctrinal documents and solutions. Limitation of the economic power of the state in countering security threats, which are characterized by constant uncertainty, complexity and rapid change, the optimal solution requires a more flexible approach to overcome these dangers by modern society. Resources are limited category, and their economise should provide an adequate response to the crisis through peaceful transformation of the economy from the regime of emergency. Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the economic power of the country, defined through the defense budget should enable effective planning and execution of operations forces of the Army of Serbia in the best possible way. The maximum cost efficiency, with minimal expenditure of the defense budget and the successful
implementation of assigned missions, represent the greatest challenge to the planning and execution of operations. Insufficient funds defense budget imposes constant need of application 3E principles (economy, efficiency and effectiveness) in engaging the resources available. Therefore, the price of military operations in the process of making decisions in peace and in war, there are special treatment because it is a value statement of consumed resources. The introduction of “cost-benefit” analysis, comparing the inputs invested and results achieved, will provide a new quality of the planning and execution of operations. Efficiency defense system is caused, primarily, the height of the allocated funds for the system. Funds budget is determined, are often limited and insufficient to meet all the needs of the defense system. In terms of allocating a part of the country’s GDP for defense needs, the amount of these resources can be viewed in different ways (in nominal per capita, per soldier, the participation in the realized GDP, etc.).

Keywords: economic power of the country, GDP, defense system, the system PPBE, the defense budget, the optimal model operations plannin, budget system, consolidation.

[8] Svetislav Stanković Ph.D., Assistant professor, General staff of the Serbian Army, Neznanog Junaka no. 38, Belgrade, Serbia.