Oditor, No. 09/2014

Damir Nađ[67]

UDC: 336.717.13
COBISS.SR-ID 214289164


An important segment of the financial system of each country’s banking sector, which in the days of globalization and the global economic crisis is going through great trials that will determine its future survival. However, this sector is often targeted to other financial organizations and organized crime groups, which significantly hinders its functioning and survival. The essence of risk in the payment system makes risk management, and identifying, measuring and managing them. Therefore it is very important to establish an effective risk management function, which in the past decade are developing in transition countries. The problem to be addressed in this paper is the presentation of the payment system risk, especially in cash payments. This problem stems from the data that shows each year an increasing trend of assaults in institutions handling cash money transfers, which manifests itself as a form of challenges, risks and threats to the security of the state in general. The contribution of this paper is permanently attached to the conclusions following the “know-how” effect of the establishment and functioning of the risk assessment and the establishment of a system for measuring risk and the implementation of protection, such as for example, training of personnel who are employed in institutions that perform a specific activity, assessment and care payment transactions from assault when using cash.

Key words: economic crisis, finance companies, capital and value.

[67]Damir Nađ M.A., University of Defense, Military Academy, Generala Pavla Jurišića Šturma no. 33, Belgrade, Serbia.