Oditor, No. 11/2015

doc. dr Milorad Zekić[85], Ilija Kolarski, M.A.[86]

UDK: 005.51/.52


Competition as a general precondition for the company evolved into the modern system of business caused by the diversification of the relevant factors . The competitive process consisting of three interconnected and conditioned elements. In the first, the analysis of competitive forces shows why some of the branches are inherently cost-effectively, or more attractive than others and why in these branches grow enterprise value.
In the second the characteristics of strategic groups ii position within it can significantly impact the relative position of companies in the industry and time course of its value. In the third and last step, value chain analysis is used to identify the sources of competitive advantage. Creation of enterprise value Abstracting these factors by using different methods and procedures in determining market position.

Key words: competition, enterprise, value, market position.

[85]Milorad Zekić Ph.D., Assistant professor, School of Economics and Management Studies, Karađorđeva no. 52, Kragujevac, Serbia.
[86]Ilija Kolarski, M.A., Accounting centre of Ministry of Defense, Birčaninova no. 5, Belgrade, Serbia.