Oditor, Vol. II, No. 1/2016

Milan Mihajlović[2]

Paper received: 30.09.2015.
Paper accepted: 15.02.2016.
UDK: 005.51:334.72.021


The development of more complex forms of organization of the company is to create the conditions of a small number of complex economic, but also organizationally complex and strong corporate organizations whose successful conduct of the owners often did not have enough resources, so they hired a professional and competent teams of experts who are trusted with the management of such organizations. In exercising the power of new ideas and concepts based on knowledge, managers in corporations are becoming an indispensable element of every company will be able to change, adapt and create new opportunities to compete successfully in a changing business environment. However, the transfer of responsibility for the management of the corporation managers has resulted in the emergence of abuse of senior management positions in order to realize their own interests. The main objective of this paper is to show how unlike traditional enterprise, today we have a situation in which such property owners corporation is a conceptual and thoughtful decision managers, which should represent the members of their intellectual property.

Key words: corporate management, process management, intellectual property, company.

[2]Milan Mihajlović, M.A., Alfa University, Palmira Toljatija no. 3, Novi Beograd, Serbia, E-mail: milan.mih83@gmail.com