Oditor, Vol. III, No. 01/2017


by Nebojša Praća[18], Miodrag Paspalj[19], Dušanka Paspalj[20]

Date received: 27.09.2017.
Date accepted: 11.04.2017.
UDK: UDK: 005.332:338.43
JEL: M14


This paper analyzes the importance of modern agricultural production in market international order and in the national system of economic development. Agricultural policy in the world needs to respect environmental standards in order to protect the environment and human health. Modern agricultural policy seeks to achieve national food security and safety. The question that the work we’re trying to answer is: is it and how in the world feasible in the modern market economy based on the prevailing “neo-classical” model of development.
This paper examines the interdependent and complex relationship of economic growth, demographic trends and agricultural production in terms of climate change and other environmental problems and possibilities of development of modern agriculture, which directly affects the sustainable and equitable development in the “polycentric” international order that is in the changes.

Key words: agriculture, agro, agricultural policy, ecology, institutions, sustainable development, security.

[18]Nebojša Praća Ph.D., Associte professor, School of economics and management st udies, Kragujevac, Karađorđeva no. 52, 34000 Kragujevac.
[19]Miodrag Paspalj Ph.D., Full Professor, Belgrade Business School, Kraljice Marije no. 73, 11000 Beograd, E-mail: miodrag.paspalj@bbs.edu.rs
[20]Dušanka Paspalj, Faculty of applied management, economics and finance, Jevrejska no. 2, Belgrade, Email: office@mef.edu.rs