Oditor, Vol. III, No. 02/2017


Nikola Milenković[1], Dejan Ristić[2]

Date received 24.06.2017.
Date accepted: 11.07.2017.
Pregledni rad:
UDK: 005.31:621.316
JEL: M19, G32


Electrical installations in residential and industrial buildings, including low-voltage network, part of the electric power system in which most of the electrical energy is converted into other forms of energy. The great need today to offer a risk free electrical installation work (users), it is possible to achieve using the new installation and protection devices, as well as good electrical budget. This paper will focus on the basic aspects of public lighting, as well as the budget of low voltage networks, static calculation columns and foundations (mechanical budget), budget economy of public lighting installations. The important thing in designing public lighting is the selection of appropriate cross sections and adequate safeguards with respect to the contact with live parts dangerous to life and property.

Key words: electrical installations, low voltage, public lighting, budget.

[1] Nikola Milenković Ph.D., School of Economics and Management Studies, Karađorđeva street no. 52, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia, E-mail: milenkovicnick@gmail.com
[2] Dejan Ristić Ph.D., Epoha school of academy studies, Mileševska street no. 40a, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, E-mail: dejan.ristic@gmail.com