Oditor, Vol. III, No. 03/2017

Vladan Vladisavljević[15], Branislav Vukosović[16]

Date of arrival: 15.10.2017
Date of acceptance: 20.11.2017

UDK: 657.47
JEL: M11, M49


Contemporary costing systems have a significant role in contemporary market economies, due to the need for harmonization of production processes and efficient management of finance, i.e. increase in profit. Traditional costing systems are outdate in production management, because contemporary economies reqire simultaneous cheaper, higher quality and faster production compared to the competition. This can be achieved through the introduction of contemporary costing systems, which have different implementation goals and thus aren’t universal to all industries. Based on variety of needs of companies and their business goals, management selects those costing systems that best suit their needs in cost accounting and strategic cost management.

Key words: contemporary costing systems, cost accounting, ABC method.

[15Vladan Vladisavljević M.A., University of Defense, Military Academy, Pavla Jurišića Šturma street no. 33, Belgrade, Serbia, E-mail: vlada91@gmail.com
[16Dr Branislav Vukasović, Visoka škola akademskih studija “Dositej”, Trg Nikole Pašića no. 7, Belgrade, Serbia.