Oditor, Vol. IV, No. 01/2018

Marija Lukić[2], Jelena Trandafilović[3]

Date received: 20.03.2018.
Date accepted: 28.03.2018.

UDK: 657.922


The paper discusses the presentation of real estate in the balance sheet, its valuation, posting, write-off from business books in accordance with International Accounting Standards. Tangible assets, consisting of property, plant, equipment and various types of inventories, represent the most significant property category among all users of public revenues. According to international accounting standards, it should be presented in the balance sheet according to the value that is based on market prices of the same or similar property. Therefore, the property is periodically revalued and at the end of each accounting period it is checked whether the carrying amount deviates from the amount that would be received by the sale. Property, plant and equipment are the most significant part of total state assets and are differentiated in the balance sheet from other items at high values.

Keywords: balance, real estate, budget.

[2]Marija Lukic, Army of Serbia, Ulica Gradijska br. 7, Belgrade, Serbia.
[3]Jelena Trandafilović, Republican Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, Nemanjina Street no. 30, Belgrade, Serbia.