Oditor, Vol. IV, No. 02/2018

Rajko Petrović[1]

Date received: 30.06.2018.
Date accepted: 20.07.2018.
UDK: 30.341:323.173(460.23)
JEL: P48


Over the past few years, we have witnessed growing political and social efforts of a significant part of the Catalan community for the independence of Catalonia. The subject of this paper is the economic motives of Catalonia, the Spanish region, for secession from Spain. So, first, we will briefly provide a historical and political overview of Catalonia. After that, we will consider the position of Catalonia as a region within Spain as an asymmetrical regional state. Our aim is to analyze what are the economic reasons for the secession of Catalonia from Spain and how relevant they are. We will conclude the results of the research, which show us that there are strong economic motives for the independence of Catalonia, but also that the success of the independent Catalonia economy would be questionable. In this paper we will use the comparative method, the statistical analysis and the case study method.

Key words: Catalonia, Spain, economy, separatism.

[1] Research Trainee, MA Rajko Petrović, Institute of European Studies, Nikola Pasic Square 11, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Phone: +381 60 3171 992, E-mail: rajko.petrovic@ies.rs