Oditor, Vol. IV,No. 02/2018

Tihomir Simeunović[1], Miorad Zekić[2]

Date received: 01.08.2017.
Date accepted: 14.08.2017.

JEL: M24


Managing business operations of a company is performed by making decisions in different organizational positions and on a different level of responsibility. Decision in a company means hiring available resources and expecting results. In order for a decision to be effective and efficient, it needs to be based on timely, relevant and reliable information. The most common source of information for decision makers is from the accounting information system.
Accounting information system is in charge of gathering data, processing, managing a database and generating reports for different purposes. Information from the accounting information system needs to be relevant, timely and reliable because of the character of bookkeeping as a highly formalized record based on complete and permanent gathering and systematic, chronological and real-time data processing in relation to resulting individual business events, which can be shown in value.

Key words: financial reports, materiality analysis, investment.

[1] Tihomir Simeunović Ph.D., Assistant professor, School of Economics and Management Studies, Karadjordjeva street no. 52, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia, E-mail: tihomir.simeunovic@gmail.com
[2] Milorad Zekić Ph.D., University of Business Studies, Jovana Dučića street no. 23a, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, E-mail: ups@univerzitetps.com.