Oditor, Vol. VII, No. S01/2021


Marko M. Pavlović[1], Marijana Milunović[2], Đorđe Pavlović[3]

Original scientific paper
Date received: 06.10.2020
Correction date: 16.12.2020
Date accepted: 27.04.2021
UDK: 005.34:656.8(497.11)
JEL: R58


In this paper, the authors investigate the potential future investments in the Post of Serbia. Based on the services provided by the Post of Serbia, the authors formed a questionnaire and examined the quality of current services as letter, special, additional services, as well as special questions that provide certain answers related to investments. The current situation, as well as the competition, the Post of Serbia is facing, as with reduced income, competition at every step due to the new European laws. For these reasons, the question arises as to what investments need to be adopted in order to increase revenues and remain the leader in the market of postal and other services. Namely, the sample consists of 300 respondents on the entire territory of Serbia.

In order to achieve the goal, the authors examined whether there is a statistically significant correlation between the frequency of use of services of the Post of Serbia and the satisfaction of service users, examined whether there is a statistically significant difference in the severity of scores on the scale. marital status, amount of monthly income and place of residence, and it was additionally examined whether there is a statistically significant difference in the expression of scores on the scale of user satisfaction with the services of the Post of Serbia in relation to gender, age, education, occupation, marital status, monthly income and place of residence. The results of this research showed acceptable reliability, and reliability was obtained for the scale of frequency of service use, satisfactorily as statistically acceptable and the results of competition showed the potential danger to the core business. This research can serve the management of the Post because it indicates that investment must be made in good and safe quality of service.

Key words: Investments, Post of Serbia, quality, consumer satisfaction and research.

[1] Marko Pavlović, Post of Serbia, Takovska no. 2, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Email: markopavlovic25101982@gmail.com
[2] Associate professor Marijana Milunović PhD, Faculty of management, Njegoševa no. 1, Sremski Karlovci, Republic of Serbia, Email: milunovic@famns.edu.rs
[3] Professor of applied studies Đorđe Pavlović PhD, Academy of applied studies Western Serbia, Sectuin Valjevo, Vuka Karadžića no. 3a, Valjevo, Republic of Serbia, Email: djordje.pavlovic@vipos.edu.rs