Oditor, Vol. VII, No. 03/2021

Pavle Dakić[1], Darko Lojaničić[2], Ramadhani Issa Hemed[3], Milanka Bogavac[4]

Original scientific paper
doi: 10.5937/Oditor2103105D
UDK: 005.966
JEL: M12, M19


Selection of people who will deal with management is crucial for the successful operation of any organization. This process involves respecting all relevant skills that candidates should possess, character traits, attitudes, and respect for the authority of the candidate by the group he or she should manage. The reason for conducting an adequate managerial selection procedure is the numerous findings that there are many management problems, but that there are very few sufficiently efficient managers. The aim of this paper is to point out the characteristics that need to be identified during the selection of managers in order to achieve successful business results

Key words: company, managers, selection.

[1] Pavle Dakić, PhD Student, Singidunim University, Danijelova 32, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Email:pavle.dakic@yahoo.com
[2] Darko Lojaničić, PhD Student, MB University, Kneza Mihaila 33, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Email:dlojanicic@yahoo.com
[3] Ramadhani Issa Hemed, bachelor, University of Der es Salam, Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Mlimani Campus, P.O. Box 35091, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, ramahchonde2794@gmail.com
[4] Assistant Professor Milanka Bogavac, PhD, Faculty of Business and Law, MB University, Kneza Mihaila 33, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Email:bogavac.milanka@gmail.com