Oditor, No. 06/2013

Dalibor Krstić[27]

UDC: 330.1(497.11)


According to many economists, the historical school is more social than it is toward the individual. It explores the community, society. Representatives of this direction is the view that all the rights that man has a social, not a natural one. The state is not a necessary evil, but an imperative of progress and development of the nation. State intervention in economic life, it is necessary only to the extent necessary to fulfill the economic and political reforms and the transformation of society. Supporters of free trade school called representatives of the historical direction “departments-socialists” because it supposedly trying to solve the Chair social issues. The main features of the historical trend in the economy: the economy examines the historical point of asking for greater state interference, attaching greater importance to the practical side, the central place given to a national factor in science.

Keywords: protectionism, the budget deficit country, consolidation.

[27]Dalibor Krstić, M.A., University of Defense, Military Academy, Generala Pavla Jurišića Šturma no. 33, Belgrade, Serbia.