About us

Center for Economic and Financial Research is a research and development organization that focuses on education and training. In the first place is to improve citizens’ awareness of the need for improvement of the education system, education, and especially about the importance of the education system.

The Center organizes seminars, scientific meetings in the field of economics and finance, financing research projects in the field of environmental protection, the Millennium Development Goals, auditing, financial consulting and training activities in terms of creating habits for continuing professional education.

Organize actions to prepare materials in terms of continuing education and monitoring trends in education. We cooperate with universities, institutes, schools and professional associations and other organizations, both at home and abroad of importance to education and training.

The Center collaborates with a large number of domestic and international professional and scientific institutions. The most important co-operation is achieved by:

University of Business Studies, Banja Luka – www.univerzitetps.com    bl-ups-logo



big-logoModern Business School, Belgrade – www.mbs.edu.rs





Business School for Management and Economics, Kragujevac – www.vsem.edu.rs








Faculty of Business and Industrial Management, Mladenovac – www.fimmanager.edu.rs






Business School Epoha, Beograd – www.epohaobrazovanje.rs