IMG_0001In cooperation with the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja and the University of Business Studies in Banja Luka we published an international monograph titled “ECONOMIC INDICATORS FOR THE COMPETITIVENESS OF THE SERBIAN ECONOMIY IN THE DANUBE REGION” by PHD Drago Cvijanovic, scientific advisor, PHD Svetlana Ignatijević, research associate and PHD Ivana Milojevic, a research associate.

In this monograph the authors through research came to the indicators of comparative advantages of the Republic of Serbia within the countries in the Danube region.

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ekonomski-ambijent-privrednog-razvoja-u-srbiji-prva-strana-page-001The beginning of the new millennium, characterized by accelerated technological development in which it acquires increasing importance as a production factor. Over 70% of gross domestic product is created in the tertiary and quarterly sectors. In this regard, economic development should be closely linked to technological development. In this monograph, the authors presented the economic environment of Serbia’s economic development and its business environment as well as the need for their improvement through the millennium development goals. In this monograph, the problems and possibilities of financing sustainable development in conditions of budget constraint with emphasis on the global problem of poverty are especially highlighted.

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The authors explain the final account of the budget in accordance with international public sector accounting standards on the cash basis of reporting – ie on the basis of cash flows, as well as the provisions of the Budget Law and other regulations relevant to the Budget of the Republic. The answer to the question of what the public debt involves is not so simple. In the second part, the authors deal with the theoretical aspect of public debt, which represents the total amount of liabilities of the consolidated state sector at a certain point.

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IMG_20190310_110757In cooperation with the College of Management and Economics from Kragujevac and the University for Business Studies from Banja Luka, a monograph titled “ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND ECOLOGICAL MANAGEMENT” was published by the author Dr. Bojan Radic, Dr. Slobodan Andzic, scientific associate and Mihail Curcic.

In this monograph, the authors presented the economic and legal aspects of environmental protection, bringing them into the ambience of the Republic of Serbia and the countries of the region.

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